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Our music is on the edge of various music genres, on the border of melodic rock and pop. Sometimes we add a funky style, other times we compose a folk-rock ballad. We look for feeling and mood in the lyrics. Sometimes our lyrics has a hint of irony when we come across topics that aren’t talked about much. Inspiration sometimes comes from one’s own life experiences. We called the new album from 2022 “Bolid” after a bright meteor that brightens the sky for a moment. It is a cross-section of our current work, from older things to new ones. We tried to choose the best that was created over the years.

Release of the new album BOLID
Dear fans, Popsmog release album Bolid. The lyrics is currently only in the Czech language. But we have a challenge for you. Let us know which three songs you would like to hear in English. According to your vote, we will start working on it. Our type is the first song with a name “Beyond the horizon”.
Ahoy, Peter, the guitarist.
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